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Air Oasis 3000 G3 UV Air Purifier Sanitizer

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Air Oasis 3000G3 Specifications:

  • Controls; On / Off
  • Dimensions: 4" w x 4" d x 15.5" h
  • Power: 12VDC; 15 Watts; 110 or 220 volt; 6 foot110 V plug standard; Fan Airflow: 11 cfm
  • Coverage: 3000 sq. ft. (multiple units may be needed in areas of higher contamination)
  • Ozone: less than 0.05 ppm*, zero ozone options available; sales to California will be zero ozone
  • Positive & Negative ion concentration: 20,000,000/cm3
  • Construction Aluminum / Polymers
  • Replacements: One AHPCO-5 G3 UV Cell
    Ozone readings are taken two inches from the air outlet. The ozone dissipates quickly as it moves away from the sanitizer.


  • Ultra Quiet
  • Reduce Mold
  • Up to 99% airborne bacterial reduction
  • Reduce Viruses
  • Reduce Odors
  • Reduces VOCs
  • Bi-Polar Ionization technology
  • Reduce Allergens
  • Energy Efficient at only 15 watts 12VDC
  • Three Year Warranty

Meets domestic and
international standards.

UL Listed

 Aiir Oasis 3000G3 Purifiers
AO 3000G3; $499.99 MSRP
 15% Off to $424.99 

The Air Oasis 3000 G3 air purifier is ideal for larger areas up to 3000 square feet or areas as small as 1000 square feet with higher pollutant levels.  It's capable of not only sanitizing your air, but also killing surface mold, bacteria, viruses etc.  With the advanced AHPCO technology the Air Oasis 3000G3 air purifier will provide all the benefits of ozone air purifiers without using higher and potentially dangerous levels of ozone. How the Air Oasis UV PCO Works

Each Air Oasis 3000G3 air purifier is made of artistic brushed aluminum. Reduces mold, bacteria, viruses, odors and VOCs quickly.
Controls; On / Off; 4" w x 4" d x 15.5" h; 12VDC 15 Watts; Aluminum / Polymers; Advanced Oxidation: Less than 0.02 ppm; Ozone: less than 0.05 ppm; (1) One AHPCO-5 G3 UV Cell
To meet the strict CARB requirements zero ozone models will be shipped to California.

Cutting-Edge Technologies: Using three technologies experimented with by Einstein and NASA the 3000XG3 effectively and safely removes unwanted contaminants such as allergens, mold, mycotoxins, bacteria, viruses, VOCs and odors. In addition to using Bi-Polar Ionization and an AHPCO catalyst, the Air Oasis 3000 G3 also includes LongLife technology. Because of this specialty coating on our UVC lamps, the output of our lamps is far higher than the industry standard. Many lamps maintain 65% of their output at 9,000 hours, whereas air oasis will maintain up to 80% of their output at 16,000 hours. he UV AHPCO Cell is recommended replacement at two years when lamp drops below 80% of their output.

Why is the Air Oasis the best home purifier room air cleaner?
Air Oasis air purifier test data below speaks for itself.

The Air Oasis air purifier technology converts ozone into four additional ions: hydroxyl, hydro peroxide, super oxide and ozonide ions. By utilizing catalytic molecules you receive greater benefits than that of ozone alone without the harmful side effects of an ozone air purifier. The Air Oasis UV PCO air purifier test data below speaks for itself. The Air Oasis technology has achieved the following results in tests by commercial, governmental and academic independent labs:

Air Oasis UV PCO Test Results:

  • Up to 99% airborne bacterial reduction
  • 4-log reduction (99.9%) surface bacteria reduction
  • Smoke and VOCs: Neutralizes toxic odor causing volatile organic compounds VOCs up to 99% (85% in the first hour of use).
  • 99% odor reduction
  • 99% airborne mold reduction / Mold Test Kits Available
  • 99% food surface microbial reduction
    *Areas of higher contamination or closed floor plans may require multiple units to cover suggested sq. ft.

Air Oasis UV PCO Benefits:

  • The 3000 G3 uses proprietary AHPCO technology.
  • One air purifier can cover large areas.
  • The air purifier operates with little noise.
  • This air purifier operates on pennies.
  • There is no maintenance on the air purifier for 2 years.
  • Each air purifier is made of artistic brushed aluminum.
  • Reduces mold, bacteria, viruses, odors and VOCs.
  • 30 day 100% satisfaction guarantee; Three year warranty

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Air Oasis Product Testing       Air Oasis Lab Testing     Air Oasis FAQ     Air Oasis Product Uses

Air Oasis G3 UV PCO Technology

AHPCO Catalytic Process

1. The germicidal UVC lamp destroys germs that pass through the rays of UV light.

2. Light rays from the UVC lamp react with the AHPCO catalyst to produce catalytic molecules.

3. Catalytic molecules seek out and destroy carbon-based molecules by converting them to harmless carbon dioxide and water.

What are carbon-based molecules? A few examples are:

The Air Oasis air sanifiers DO NOT release nano particles into the air.
Air Oasis nano particles are permanently bonded to the AHPCO Cell.

By using a AHPCO Cell with catalytic molecules the scope of effectiveness is widely broadened.
Air Oasis Makes Scientifically Advanced Products that Clean Up Today's Environmental Problems

Air Oasis AHPCO Cell catalytic molecules

The photocatalytic oxidation technology, PCO, (How TiO2 UV Photocatalytic Oxidation Works) of the Air Oasis 1000G3, 3000G3, 3000XG3, and 5000PRO far surpasses HEPA and other filtration systems because it can effectively treat pollution as small as .001 microns (herbicides, pesticides and most viruses). Here is a partial list of particulates, microbials, odors and other pollution the Air Oasis photocatalytic oxidation technology treats:

  • Particulates: dust, dust mites, dust mite feces, pollen, pet dander, skin flakes (food for dust mites), smoke particles, allergens, etc.

  • Microbials: germs, microscopic bacteria, viruses, fungi, mildew, mold spores and mycotoxins produced by a fungus, as small as .001 microns. Microbials often thrive in heating and air conditioning ducts.

  • Gases/Chemical Fumes: VOC's (volatile organic compounds), chemicals like benzene and formaldehyde, cigarette smoke, (Eliminating Cigarette Smoke), plus fumes constantly escaping from construction, carpets, upholstery, furniture, drapes, cleaning materials, dry cleaning, nail treatment products and more.

  • Odors: animals, pets, food, body, cooking, smelly sports and camping equipment, shoes, litter boxes, cigarette, cigar, pipe smoke, smoke damage, etc.

How It Works: Without high-powered fans or thick filters, this non filtration system uses a lamp that destroys germs with UV light. That light is reflected with the AHPCO catalyst, which produces catalytic molecules, which then, in turn, seek out and destroy carbon-based molecules. This powerful small air purifier cleans the air quickly, efficiently, and without using too much energy. Air Oasis now has Bi-Polar technology to further enhance the effectiveness of our countertop purifiers. How the Air Oasis Air Purifier Air Cleaner Works

Air purifier studies conducted by West Texas A&M university at BSA Hospital confirm that Air Oasis air purifier / sanitizer technology not only purifies your air, but sanitizes surfaces. This study measured reductions in methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus, MRSA on surfaces.

This study also measured reductions in other microbes and fungus. There was a 75% reduction in microbes and fungus in only 8 hours of use. Other studies show an almost complete eradication over longer periods of exposure to our air purifiers. Air Oasis Lab Test Results

Studies have also proven effective treatment on the concentration of indoor aeroallergern concentration. Current ongoing studies are aimed at proving reductions in VOC and odors. These tests will be conducted against formaldehyde, hydrogen sulfide, carbon disulfide and more. We also plan to conduct more studies on other "Super Bugs", such as Swine Flu, in the coming months.

Air Oasis AHPCO Technology

The Air Oasis uses an AHPCO Cell, (Advanced Hydrated Photocatalytic Oxidation technology). The cell consists of a special broad spectrum high intensity ultraviolet (UV) lamp. The UV light is targeted on a hydrated TiO2 metallic catalyst. With this catalyst the ozone created by the UV lamp is converted into friendly, safe and aggressive oxidizers that revert back to oxygen and hydrogen. The AHPCO Cell produces minimum ozone levels well below the amount considered safe by the EPA. AHPCO Cell technology has been successfully tested and approved to combat a variety of indoor air quality concerns. Note: Danger / Never look directly at the illuminated AHPCO Cell.

Air Oasis developed a proprietary patent-pending five metal nano catalyst that is far superior to any cheap imitations on the market. Our UV lamps use a proprietary long life coating to more than double their life over the competition. Preliminary results from West Texas A&M University show huge reductions in formaldehyde and other VOCs. Rapid reductions in odors where also observed.

If you're trying to create the best atmosphere for yourself, your family, or your employees, purchase an Air Oasis Air Sanifiers.
Call us toll-free at 1-855-488-8806 and we can help you find the best indoor air quality solution for your home or business.

Air Oasis 3000 G3 UV PCO air purifier; $499.99 MSRP

 15% Off to $424.99 

AO 1000 G3      AO 3000 Xtreme G3      AO 5000 PRO Commercial      How to Order / About Us

While competitors are using TiO2 alone with no hydrating agents or other less effective catalyst coatings
Air Oasis is setting the trend for the next generation of air purifier surface sanitizers.

Air Oasis UV air purifiers

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While many of our products are designed to remove smoke and odors, we do not claim they remove all of the harmful effects caused
by smoking or second hand smoke. Product claims and descriptions have been provided by and approved by the manufacturer.

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