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Botrytis Blight or Gray Mold Treatment

Eliminate Botrytis blight or gray mold with an Air Oasis UV PCO air and surface sanitizer.
An Effective Treatment for Botrytis

Botrytis blight or gray mold is a widely distributed disease caused by the fungus Botrytis species. It can infect plants, some vegetables, soft fruits, flowers, trees and shrubs, especially when conditions are cool and damp. The fungus usually occurs on plant debris or weak plant tissue, such as old flowers, leaves. It can be very destructive, since it can spread quickly to rot healthy plant tissue.

Air Oasis UV Photocatalytic Oxidation can effectively be used to prevent and eliminate mold on marijuana.
Air Oasis sanitizers will help infestation prevention by destroying fungal diseases like
Powdery Mildew, Botrytis, Gray Mold, Blight, and Downy Mold.

Gray mold can cause different symptoms on different kinds of plants. Typically, as its name suggests, gray mold causes a gray, fuzzy coating on aging flower blossoms and soft, ripe fruits. A cloud of grayish-white spores may be noticed when infected leaves or flowers are picked.

Infection usually begins as brown to gray circular spots that later become fuzzy when the fungus produces gray masses of spores. Ripe strawberries left too long in the refrigerator often develop gray mold on the surface of the fruit. The disease can cause spotting and decay of flowers, leaves, fruits and berries. In some plants such as roses, it can cause slightly sunken areas called cankers on the stems. Corms and bulbs may rot when infected with gray mold.

Gray mold affects a wide range of annual and perennial plants. Flowers with thick succulent petals, such as begonias, peonies and geraniums, are particularly susceptible. The disease also commonly affects marijuana, African violet, amaryllis, calendula, camellia, bulbous iris, delphinium, dahlias, larkspur, snapdragon and hyacinth.

Air Oasis UV PCO Test Results:

  • Up to 99% airborne bacterial reduction
  • 4-log reduction (99.9%) surface bacteria reduction
  • Smoke and VOCs: Neutralizes toxic odor causing volatile organic compounds VOCs up to 99% (85% in the first hour of use).
  • 99% odor reduction
  • 99% airborne mold reduction Air Oasis Product Testing
  • 99% surface microbial reduction
    *Areas of higher contamination or closed floor plans may require multiple units to cover suggested sq. ft.

Air Oasis UV PCO Benefits:

  • The 5000PRO Commercial uses proprietary AHPCO technology.
  • One air purifier can cover large areas.
  • The air purifier operates with little noise.
  • This air purifier operates on pennies.
  • There is no maintenance on the air purifier for 2 years.
  • Each air purifier is made of artistic brushed aluminum.
  • Reduces mold, bacteria, viruses, odors and VOCs.
  • 30 day 100% satisfaction guarantee / Three year warranty

By using a AHPCO Cell with catalytic molecules the scope of effectiveness is widely broadened.
Air Oasis Makes Scientifically Advanced Products that Clean Up Today's Environmental Problems

Air Oasis AHPCO Cell catalytic molecules

The Air Oasis air purifiers utilizes state-of-the-art technologies unique to any product currently on the market today: AHPCO Cell (Advanced Hydrated Photocatalytic Oxidation Cell) - The next generation in catalytic oxidation. The AHPCO Cell technology is far superior to the older stand alone UV, (ultraviolet), lamps and catalytic oxidation methods with only one catalyst used in competitor air purifiers. This is the latest advanced oxidation technology that consists of a proprietary, high-intensity broad spectrum UV tube in a hydrated catalytic matrix cell that creates hydro peroxides, super oxide ions, hydroxyl ions, passive negative ions and ozonide ions that circulate throughout your home or office, providing 24-hour protection against airborne mold, bacteria, viruses, odors and VOC's.

The NASA development technology photocatalytic oxidation technology, (PCO), of the Air Oasis sanitizing systems far surpasses HEPA and other filtration systems because it can effectively treat pollution as small as .001 microns (herbicides, pesticides and most viruses). Here is a partial list of particulates, microbials, odors and other pollution the Air Oasis photocatalytic oxidation technology treats:

  • Particulates: dust, dust mites, dust mite feces, pollen, pet dander, skin flakes (food for dust mites), smoke particles, allergens, etc.

  • Microbials: germs, microscopic bacteria, viruses, fungi, mildew, mold spores and mycotoxins produced by a fungus, as small as .001 microns. Microbials often thrive in heating and air conditioning ducts.

  • Gases/Chemical Fumes: VOC's (volatile organic compounds), chemicals like benzene and formaldehyde, cigarette smoke, (Eliminating Cigarette Smoke), plus fumes constantly escaping from construction, carpets, upholstery, furniture, drapes, cleaning materials, dry cleaning, nail treatment products and more.

  • Odors: animals, pets, food, body, cooking, smelly sports and camping equipment, shoes, litter boxes, cigarette, cigar, pipe smoke, smoke damage, etc.

Powerful Efficient UV Photocatalytic Oxidation
More UV Photocatalytic TiO2 than any competition. Powerful fan for distributing to oxidizers through the area. Pollutants and mold spores do not have to pass through the Air Oasis. The  go pout and attack the pollutants, mold and mildew in the air and on surfaces. The hydro peroxides and super oxide ions will radiate through an entire area providing 100% silent air purification. How TiO2 UV PCO Oxidation Works / How the Air Oasis Air Purifier Air Cleaner Works

Nano Nickel HCT PCO Technology
The Air Oasis UV Photocatalytic oxidation sanitizers reduces mold, bacteria, viruses, odors and VOCs quickly with nano nickel HCT PCO technology, nano-Nickel HCT, Are PCO Air Purifiers Better Than HEPA Filters?

Quiet, Inexpensive Operation
The Air Oasis 5000PRO  Commercial air purifier has two settings, Low / 60cfm, 1- 9" UV AHPCO Cell; High / 120 cfm, 2- 9" UV AHPCO Cells. It also operates on pennies to save you money; only 65 watts on high. Air Oasis 5000PRO Commercial

Only Requires Maintenance Every 3 Years
This AO 5000PRO Commercial air purifier has no filters to wash or replace and no messy plates or internal parts to scrub. Every 3 years, the only maintenance required is the replacement of the nano HCT nickel cell.

Air Oasis Lab Test For Bacteria, Mold and Yeast

  before air oasis treatment
Before Air Oasis Treatment
 after air oasis treatment
After Air Oasis Treatment

Test Supervised by Independent Consultant

Device Tested: Air Oasis 3000
Test Procedure:
The device was operated as directed under normal household conditions. Five replicate air samples were drawn from an area 13 feet from the device and about 3 feet above the floor at intervals of 8 hours, 30 hours, 54 hours, 102 hours, and 150 hours after start. Standard Petri Dishes were inoculated at each sampling interval. The Air sampler was calibrated to deliver 100 liters of air in one minute and 500 liters of air in five minutes. Inoculated plates were returned promptly to the laboratory for incubation and counting. There were four tests run five different times in different petri-dishes in different places throughout the test house.
After four days:
Test 1 Mold: 97.7% reduction
Test 2 Yeast & Mold: 90.9% reduction
Test 3 Mold: 77.0% reduction

UV air sanitizer, Air Oasis air purifier

UV air sanitizer, Air Oasis air purifier

Air Oasis AHPCO Technology

The Air Oasis uses NASA development technology AHPCO Cell, (Advanced Hydrated Photocatalytic Oxidation technology). The cell consists of a special broad spectrum high intensity ultraviolet (UV) lamp. The improved UV lamp cell technology Air Oasis has achieved an astonishing 25,000 hour (3 year) life span instead of the usual 1 year. The UV light is targeted on a hydrated TiO2 metallic catalyst. With this catalyst the ozone created by the UV lamp is converted into friendly, safe and aggressive oxidizers that revert back to oxygen and hydrogen. The AHPCO Cell produces minimum ozone levels well below the amount considered safe by the EPA. AHPCO Cell technology has been successfully tested and approved to combat a variety of indoor air quality concerns. Note: Danger / Never look directly at the illuminated AHPCO Cell.

Air purifier studies conducted by West Texas A&M university at BSA Hospital confirm that Air Oasis air purifier / sanitizer technology not only purifies your air, but sanitizes surfaces. This study measured reductions in methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus, MRSA on surfaces.

This study also measured reductions in other microbes and fungus. There was a 75% reduction in microbes and fungus in only 8 hours of use. Other studies show an almost complete eradication over longer periods of exposure to our air purifiers. Air Oasis Lab Test Results

Studies have also proven effective treatment on the concentration of indoor aeroallergern concentration. Current ongoing studies are aimed at proving reductions in VOC and odors. These tests will be conducted against formaldehyde, hydrogen sulfide, carbon disulfide and more. We also plan to conduct more studies on other "Super Bugs", such as Swine Flu, in the coming months.

In March of 2006 the new nano-Nickel HCT catalyst coating was introduced. With this new patent-pending coating a fifth powerful catalyst metal was added. Air Oasis also reduced the metal particle size down to a nano-size particle in order to increase the surface area and therefore increase the kinetic rate of reaction. The hydrophilic gel was also improved to further hydrate the coating and react in combination with the metal catalysts (by donating hydrogen to the ozone) to decompose ozone to form hydroxide ions and radicals, as well as hydro peroxides, such as the HO2 radical and hydrogen peroxides, which are desirable reaction products from the decomposition of ozone due to their strong oxidizing properties, which enhances the germicidal effect of UV radiation.

Air Oasis developed a proprietary patent-pending five metal nano catalyst that is far superior to any cheap imitations on the market. Our UV lamps use a proprietary long life coating to more than double their life over the competition. Preliminary results from West Texas A&M University show huge reductions in formaldehyde and other VOCs. Rapid reductions in odors where also observed. How TiO2 UV PCO Oxidation Works / How the Air Oasis Air Purifier Air Cleaner Works

Optional Wall Mount Brackets are available; Call or Contact Us

air oasis ozone decomposition

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