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Air Oasis Photocatalytic UV Air Purifier Compared to
Ionic Breeze and Oreck Air Cleaner Purifiers
We does not sell, service, or are affiliated in any way with Ionic Breeze or Oreck.
This web page is a representative comparison of the Air Oasis UV PCO purifiers to the Ionic Breeze or Oreck.

Between the
Air Oasis and
the Ionic Breeze
and Oreck
Air Cleaners
Air Oasis
 ionic breeze
Ionic Breeze
Technology AHPCO™ Cell: Next generation of advanced photo catalytic oxidation.  The newest technology on the market. TiO2 Negatively charged plates: old technology that was originally used in some of the first smoke stack filters. Filter, charcoal filter, negative ion generator, positive ion generator, collection grid:  Again older technologies in a new box.
Mold Reduction

Lab test results show a 98% reduction throughout the test chamber.

According to consumer reports, this unit is not very effective except in extremely small spaces.  Much smaller spaces than advertised. Company claims a reduction in a 900 square foot room, but there are no tests found to validate it.
Reduce odors, VOC's, bacteria and viruses

Lab tests show odors cut in half quickly.  VOC's are reduced by as much as 98%.  Bacteria and viruses are also quickly destroyed throughout the home.

According to consumer reports, this unit is not very effective except in extremely small spaces. Spaces much smaller than advertised. Company claims a reduction in a 900 square foot room, but there are no tests found to validate it.

Replace AHPCO UV Cell only every 3 years for $69.00.

There are not any costly parts to replace, but the collection grids must be cleaned regularly.

The collection grids must be cleaned often and the charcoal filter should be replaced every 2 months. They are $39.95 per two pack. That's $119.85 per year in replacements per unit.  $359.55 every 3 years per unit and it takes three to cover 3000 sq. ft.
Power consumption
Just pennies.

Just pennies.
The power consumption is at least double that of the Air Oasis 3000.
Placement in home With the unique design, air enters the unit just above the base and out of the angle cut at the top.  With this design, our unit can be placed on virtually any shelf, in corners, against walls, or about anywhere.  It's artistic brushed aluminum case allows the unit blend nicely with almost any decor. The unit is large and is usually placed on the floor.  There must not be any object directly in the front or back of the unit for the air to flow properly through the unit. The unit is a countertop model that can be placed in several locations.
Price $499 Air Oasis 3000 for up to 3000 square feet. $399 Air Oasis 1000 for up to 1000 square feet. $349.95 each and cover 500 square feet.  It would cost you $2099.70 to cover 3000 square feet at $349.95 a unit. $369.95 each and cover 900 square feet.  It would cost you $1109.850 to cover 3000 square feet at $369.95 a unit.

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For the best results we suggest placing multiple units throughout your home or office. Air Oasis has five units available to ensure complete coverage of your home or office.

For larger areas, such as a great room or larger living areas we suggest using an Air Oasis 3000 air purifier.

For dining rooms, large master bedrooms etc. we suggest using an Air Oasis 1000 air purifier.

We also offer an induct unit to cover a broader area when your central heat and air conditioning unit is running.

For more troublesome areas like basements the Air Oasis Xtreme air purifier is a good choice.

air oasis purifier

Indoor Air Pollution Can Cause Allergies, Asthma and Colds

The Air Oasis™ 5000PRO Commercial, 3000 Xtreme, 3000, 1000, and Mobile Sanifiers Air Purifiers use patented technology to effectively reduce indoor air pollution. Indoor air pollutants fall into three categories:

Particulates - Term used for the mixture of solid particles and liquid droplets found in the air. Over 99% of particulate matter is invisible to the naked eye and can easily infiltrate the lungs. On average, every cubic foot of untreated indoor air contains 20 million particles.

Microbes - Includes three major types of organisms: bacteria, protozoa, and fungi/mold. Most of these contaminants rely on a humid and moist environment for growth & survival. Some molds can produce certain chemicals, such as mycotoxins and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's).

Gases & Odors - Indoor gases, such as benzene, formaldehyde, and hydrogen sulfide, are released from furniture, carpets, hair sprays, cleaning chemicals, insulation, and pesticides. Gases include VOC's which evaporate into the air easily. Odors are often made up of VOC's or other gases.

air oasis UV air purifier

Why Are Air Purifiers Needed?

 Because of increasing energy costs, Americans today are sealing their homes and buildings with better windows, insulation, and moldings.

When homes and other buildings are sealed, contaminants can build up, such as mold. As air passes through the home, the mold - along with chemicals given off by paints, cleaners, glues, particle board furniture, pesticides, and of course, cigarette smoke - is picked up and circulated throughout the structure without ever being "cleaned. "

According to the World Health Organization, 40% of all buildings are a serious hazard to our health because of their polluted air.

Symptoms caused by indoor air pollutants can include:
• Eye and skin irritation
• Lung irritation
• Nose and throat discomfort
• Fatigue
• Unpleasantness from offensive odors
Did you know?:
• U.S. EPA studies indicate that indoor levels of air pollutants may be 2-5 times higher than outdoor levels.
• Indoor pollutant levels can reach 100 times that of outdoor levels when we effectively "seal" our houses even tighter from the elements during winter months.
• High levels of indoor air pollutants may be of particular concern because most people spend up to 90% of their time indoors.

What's the solution? The Air Oasis™ 5000PRO Commercial, Induct Nano, 3000 Xtreme, 3000, 1000, and Mobile Sanifier Air Purifiers
not only removes particles from the air, but will safely and effectively kill bacteria, mold, viruses and many other contaminants on surfaces.

Air Oasis Photocatalytic UV Air Purifier

Air Oasis UV air purifiers

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While many of our products are designed to remove smoke and odors, we do not claim they remove all of the harmful effects caused
by smoking or second hand smoke. Product claims and descriptions have been provided by and approved by the manufacturer.

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