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Air Oasis Lab Test For Bacteria, Mold and
Yeast, and Low Ozone Levels

before air oasis treatment
Before Air Oasis Treatment
after air oasis treatment
After Air Oasis Treatment

Test Supervised by Independent Consultant

Device Tested: Air Oasis™ 3000
Test Procedure:
The device was operated as directed under normal household conditions. Five replicate air samples were drawn from an area 13 feet from the device and about 3 feet above the floor at intervals of 8 hours, 30 hours, 54 hours, 102 hours, and 150 hours after start. Standard Petri Dishes were inoculated at each sampling interval. The Air sampler was calibrated to deliver 100 liters of air in one minute and 500 liters of air in five minutes. Inoculated plates were returned promptly to the laboratory for incubation and counting. There were four tests run five different times in different petri-dishes in different places throughout the test house.
After four days:
Test 1 Mold: 97.7% reduction
Test 2 Yeast & Mold: 90.9% reduction
Test 3 Mold: 77.0% reduction
Test 4 Bacteria*: 34.5% reduction

*Note: Bacteria tests in homes with low ambient bacteria levels will show low percentage drops.

Ozone Levels Lab Test For Air Oasis Air Purifier

Testing the new AHPCO™ Cell in an HVAC duct. The ozone levels within the duct were .02 ppm which is the same as forest air. The ambient levels within the room outside the duct were .01 ppm.  With the new AHPCO™ Cells, oxidation is performed by super oxide ions, hydroxide ions, and hydro peroxide ions in air vapor rather than strong and dangerous ozone.


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Summary of test results:

Plate A: Control 2 ft.

Plate A: Control 4 ft.

The Petri-plates above shows the number of microbial colonies produced in the Control set, before any treatment of indoor air with the air purifier.

 After 24 hour treatment with Air Oasis air purifier

Plate A: Control 1 ft.
Plate A: 24 hr, 1 ft.

Plate A: Control 2 ft.
Plate A: 24 hr, 2 ft.

Plate A: 24 hr, 4 ft.

The Petri-plates after a 24 hour treatment with the air purifier. Note the reduction in number of colonies compared to figure 1
(Control, No treatment with air purifier).

It was also evidenced that the Petri-plates placed closer to the distance to the air purifier (1ft. and 2 ft.) produced least number of colonies after 24h., 48h. and 72 hours of treatment of the indoor air with the air purifier. Figure-3 shows the level of infection after 24 hours with distances 1 ft, 2ft. and 4 ft. away from the air purifier. There was very minor trace of inoculums from the Petri-plates from 1 ft. or 2 ft. and 4 ft. distances after 24 hours of treatment of the room air indicating thereby definite reduction of the microbial aeroallergen in the room air. After 72 hours of treatment of the indoor air with the air purifier there was almost no micro flora or propagules left in the indoor air since there was no microbial colony produced on the Petri-plates. All the experiments were carried out with setting at High in the air purifier. Figure 1 shows the Control plates without any treatment. All the 3 Petri-plates from the set up of 1ft, 2ft and 4 ft show vigorous growth of the microbial colonies after incubation in an incubator at 37 degrees Celsius.

Number of microbial colonies produced after 24 hours in Control (no Air Purifier)

Effect of air purifier after different periods of exposure on the number of microbial colonies.

From the figure-2 is a graph on the distribution of the number of microbial colonies before and after the treatment of indoor air with the air purifier, it is very clear that there was a gradual reduction in the number of microbial (bacterial and fungal) colonies with greater interval of exposure with the air purifier.

Air Oasis air purifiers

Effect of treatment of air purifier on the concentration of indoor aeroallergen concentration.
The Petri plates from the set up of 24 hour treatment with air purifier from distances 1ft, 2ft and 4 ft from the air purifier showed no significant microbial growth. At the distance of 1 ft no microbial colony was recorded on the Petri-plate while the Petri-plates from 2 and 4ft showed very minor trace of inoculums. This figure shows the distribution of the aeroallergen count after the treatment of the room air after 24hour, 48 hour and 72 hours. After 72 hours of treatment there was almost no aeroallergen left closure to the air purifier.

Coverage over a six day period in an average 3000 sq. ft. single level home.

Petri-dishes were placed in the furthest corner of every room daily and tested over a six day period.  Several tests were conducted with varying amounts of contaminants.  More time was required to achieve the total 3000 square foot coverage as contamination levels were increased.  With the Air Oasis 3000 it's not a matter of how many square feet can be covered, but more a matter of time.  A timeline for complete coverage is illustrated below.
Note: This model of a home had no fans or air conditioning unit to circulate air.  The air purifier did all the work in this controlled environment.

clean air after 24 hrs
6 hrs / 24 hrs
clean air after 2 days
1 day / 2 days
clean air after 4 days
2 days / 4 days
clean air after 6 days
3 days / 6 days

*Note 2: The Chinese Government has tested and passed the AHPCO™ Cell technology for use in preventing SARS in
Chinese subways.
AHPCO™ Cell recommended replacement is every two years or 16,000 hours.

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Air Oasis Product Testing West Texas A&M University

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While competitors are using TiO2 alone with no hydrating agents or other less effective catalyst coatings,
Air Oasis is setting the trend for the next generation of air purifiers.

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