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Use Air Oasis, The Effective and Affordable UV PCO Air Purification System For Best Results

Put an end to the existence of airborne microbiological organisms or microorganisms! Get rid of viruses, bacteria, mold, odors, and VOCs at your home or workplace without any hassle. Make use of Air Oasis, the best air and surface sanitizer that makes use of UV-C light, (Germicidal Ultra-Violet Light), in conjunction with a TiO2 catalytic cell, (photocatalytic oxidation), which sends out powerful oxidizers/hydroxyl radicals that lead to the elimination of mold, viruses, bacteria, odors, and VOCs. Air Oasis is not just a regular air purifier, but an air and surface sanitizer that works on air and surfaces in an incomparable way. Air Oasis UV PCO air purifiers makes use of a state-of-the-art, patented high-performance metallic catalyst, nano technology and photocatalytic oxidation technology. Air Oasis is not a filtration system that utilizes a lamp that destroys germs with UV light. That light is reflected on the AHPCO catalyst, which produces catalytic molecules, which in turn, seek out and destroy carbon-based molecules. Review why the Air Oasis UVC PCO air purification systems is brilliant? How the Air Oasis Air Purifier Air Cleaner Works

Quick and efficient, Air Oasis is far superior to any ionic electronic air cleaner or HEPA air purifier that you can find. Made and hand assembled in the USA, Air Oasis is definitely the preferred choice of customers who look forward to buying a commercial air purification product that is highly effective and affordable.

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The Effective and Affordable UV PCO Air Purification System For Best Results - Air Oasis Blog

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